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Carolina  A.

He has high integrity, walks the talk, which I find extremely rare on the Medical Profession. I am a Business Coach. I Coach, Consult, Advise and Lecture around the world for 26 years so I have networked with  plenty of doctors all over the globe. None of them have 1/2 of the integrity Doctor Silver does! On top of it all, he actually listens and finds out exactly the help the person needs and how we need it, which again I find exceptional! I would not go anywhere else!! It’s just a God send in every way! Thank you Doc!

David L.

Dr. Silver is a brilliant Physician who knows how to deliver proactive healthcare.


It’s extremely refreshing to see a medically trained physician give patients a pathway to a preventive health investment program which empowers the individual to optimize the body's healthy functioning.


With his approach, patients have the best defense to stave off disease and take better control of their health. He takes a body, mind and spirit approach to the patient. Dr. Silver’s staff is top notch professional, well versed in a wide range of medical and alternative processes, yet extremely warm and caring which makes you feel like you’re in a community setting of people who care about your needs.


He's the consummate Doctor and the staff are the best of the best!

Amy D.

Dr. Silver and his team are the best! If you have something hard to figure out, he takes the time to find the problem and keep moving forward to get solutions. He and the many talented team members will keep you healthy and feeling beautiful from the inside out!!

I trust no other doctor as much as him! Health and beauty treatments all in one place!!

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