Body Contouring/ Skin Tightening

Beauty Model

Facial Contouring

Contour lower part of face, jowels under chin, submental fat along jawline. 

20-30 mins.

$275 per session

Two Women in Underwear

Front/ Back Thighs

Reduces Cellulite

1x per week

$300- $400 per treatment

(Depending on size of patient)


 $1275 - 4 treatments

Two Women in Underwear


Contour for a firmer lifted appearance.

Reduces Cellulite.

1x per week

$200-300 per session



Body Contouring- Treatment for Circumferential and cellulite reduction.

1x per week

Refit- Loose excess skin, weight loss, post baby, stomach pooch, crepiness.

Every 2 weeks

$975 - 6 Treatments

Model's Lower Face

Skin Tightening- Face

Tightens the skin, helps to slow down aging using your body's own collagen & elastin to tighten the skin.

Under 60 -every 2 weeks

Over 60- every 3 weeks

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