Aesthetic Services 

Hair Removal

Long term reduction of unwanted hair

Light beams destroy the hair bulb via photo-thermal effect while the surrounding tissue remains intact. 

This gold-standard treatment penetrates deeply providing highly effective results with a high level of comfort.


Fast, non-invasive, and proven body treatments to shape, tone and tighten

Body Contouring and Circumferential Reduction

Lose inches and gain back desired curves

Viora V-Form Refit

Body skin tightening after weight loss

Cellulite reduction

Gold-standard treatment to reduce cellulite quick and painlessly with no downtime

Body skin tightening

Achieve smoother, firmer skin with treatments that take just minutes

Areas that can be treated:

Stomach, buttocks, thighs, underarms and inner thighs

How it works?

RF energy targets enlarged fat pockets to increase the metabolism and reduce fat cell volume the vacuum increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.